Empty Property Cleaning Services

Squatter & Vacant Property Cleaning

Vacant domestic and commercial properties provide an ideal opportunity for vandalism and anti social behaviour to take place.

When squatters or troublesome tenants are evicted from houses, flats and commercial properties the abandoned premises is often left in an uninhabitable state with large amounts of waste and damage remaining. 

A high proportion of this waste is often hazardous, including drug paraphernalia such as needles, syringes and bodily fluids (blood, urine or faeces) that can harbour infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and  HIV which can be very difficult and dangerous to dispose of. 

When performing a vacant property clean-up it is important that this process is performed safely using the correct biohazard cleaning and sharps removal equipment, personal protective clothing and procedure due to the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

The BioGone’s void property cleaning service ensures a rapid response from fully trained cleaning technicians who complete a full hypodermic needle sweep.

Once this has been completed, a comprehensive thorough biohazard clean and disinfection of the property is performed to ensure that the property is clean and safe to be to re-let or to be sold as quickly as possible.

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